Seven Quick Ways to Ditch Those Negative Thoughts Rosebushes


Let’s admit it. There are days when everything seems to go wrong and we find ourselves in the middle of a “complaint fest.” Here are seven easy ways to ditch those negative thoughts when you...

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The Gift of Resistance


Sometimes in life, it feels like we are going against the wind…and it’s easy to cringe when we feel the winds of challenge smacking us in the face or see what looks like an impossible circumstance we must overcome.
Opportunity is always disguised as...

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The Power Of Unconditional Love


Just as the sun shines upon the earth with it's constant life-giving beams, a heart filled with unconditional love gives without any expectation and with no strings attached. A love like that can change someone else’s life and the world we live in completely.

When we allow ourselves to understand the impact our actions have, not only on ourselves but the planet...

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If Not Now, When?


Like most mornings, with cup of coffee in hand, I settle in for the reading portion of my morning routine.  I read almost every morning, before moving on to writing something. 

Today, as I placed my phone on the sofa next to me, I glanced at the screen and I noticed...

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The #1 Reason Why Most Coaches Fail


Did you know that your own self image will make or break your ability to achieve your goals and the success you see for yourself?

It's true – What you believe about your ability to use or understand technology to grow your Coaching business will determine what you do and do not achieve.

If you’re a Coach, you of course already you know this and in today’s world, I believe everyone understands that...

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